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How to decorate an ombré cake

It’s easier than you think to create a beautiful ombré cake, provided you have the right tools.

ct howto 2016 how to make a ombre cake ct howto 2016 how to make a ombre cake




Ice and stack cake layers

Position the first layer of cake in the centre of a cake turntable and ice the top of it with white icing using a straight spatula. Repeat with the second and third layers of cake.


Ice the sides

Using upward strokes with a straight spatula, roughly ice the sides of the cake with white icing.


Colour additional icing

Separate the rest of your icing in half. Leave one half white and then separate the other half again. Using food colouring, tint one of the quarters lightly and the other quarter a little darker.


Ice the top of the cake

Using a straight spatula and white icing, ice the top of the cake, smoothing the icing carefully.


Pipe on darkest icing

Fit an icing bag with an extra-large round tip and fill the bag with your darkest icing. Pipe the icing on to the base of the cake evenly, slowly turning the cake turntable as needed. Repeat for two additional rows on top of the first.


Pipe on lightly coloured icing

Repeat with your lightly coloured icing.


Pipe on white icing

Repeat with white icing until you reach the top of the cake.


Smooth sides

Using a straight spatula, smooth the icing along the sides of the cake while slowly turning the cake turntable.


Blend colours

Using an icing smoother and small upward strokes with the straight spatula, gently blend the colours while slowly turning the cake turntable.


Smooth top edge

Using a straight spatula, smooth the top edge of the icing.