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How to wall mount a tv

Mounting your TV to a wall not only saves you space, but also instantly turns your room into a home theatre.

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Choose the right location

When choosing the ideal location to wall mount your TV there are a few things to think about. Consider the viewing angles from all of the seating in the room and the proximity to an outlet. It’s sometimes recommended that you mount it at eye level when sitting down. 


Attach mounting arm to TV

Following the instructions on your mount, attach the mounting arm to your TV using the pre-existing threaded holes on the back of your TV. 


Locate your wall studs

Using a stud finder in the area you’ve chosen, locate two studs and mark their locations on your wall with a pencil.


Position the cardboard template

If your wall mount box has a template, tape it to the wall so the stud locations line up with the template’s drill holes. Use a level to check that the template is even. 


Drill holes

Using the appropriate drill bit for your mount, drill two holes through the template into each stud.


Mount wall plate

Using the screws provided with your mount, attach the wall plate to the wall. Check your work with a level.


Attach TV to wall plate

With the help of another person, attach the TV to the wall plate and lock it in position.