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How to replace a faucet

You can easily revitalize your bathroom or kitchen by installing a new faucet. Follow these simple steps to make it happen.


Replace a Faucet Replace a Faucet


Start by turning off the water supply to the faucet.

Replace faucet turn off water Replace faucet turn off water


Clean out the cabinet to give yourself room to work.

Replace faucet clean out cabinet Replace faucet clean out cabinet


Check the condition of the valves and supply lines.

You may need to replace the valves if they are leaking.

Replace faucet check out Replace faucet check out


Open the faucet to release any pressure.

Replace faucet open faucet Replace faucet open faucet


Remove the old faucet.

Replace faucet remove faucet Replace faucet remove faucet


Assemble the new faucet according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You’re more than halfway there!


Seal the faucet with either plumber’s putty or silicone caulking.

Replace faucet seal faucet Replace faucet seal faucet


Place the new faucet.

Replace faucet place faucet Replace faucet place faucet


Tighten down the new faucet.

As the new faucet is tightened down, some putty or silicone will squeeze out. Carefully remove the excess with paper towels or rags for final clean-up.

Replace faucet tighten faucet Replace faucet tighten faucet


Attach the supply lines to the new faucet and hand tighten.

Replace faucet attach supply lines Replace faucet attach supply lines


Check for leaks, and you’re done!