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How to maximize your kitchen space

A well-organized kitchen sets you up for success. By maximizing your space, you can get cooking with confidence. 

ct howto How tomaximize your kitchen space ct howto How tomaximize your kitchen space


Add a cabinet

Start by adding a tall cabinet that takes advantage of vertical space. Closed storage is ideal, so you can stash small appliances that are not used very often out of sight, but keep things you use everyday close at hand. A cabinet can also be used as a pantry for dry goods or a location to store extra dishes or glassware.


Add an island

If you have available floor space, add a freestanding island to your kitchen. An island not only gives you additional prep space by adding another counter, but can also provide seating if you include some stools. The storage below makes an island even more convenient.


Add internal organizers

Don’t forget the inside of your cupboards and drawers. Add cutlery trays to organize flatware and serving utensils. Use wire shelves to add extra layers in your cupboards or tiered platforms that allow you to efficiently use all the space.