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How to make the perfect bed

If you love the crisp style of a perfect hotel bed, why not recreate is at home? Don't worry — you got this!

MakethePerfectBed MakethePerfectBed




Pull the fitted sheet tightly

Start with the fitted sheet, making sure to pull it tightly at each corner and tucking any excess fabric under the mattress.


Place flat sheet on bed

Next, spread the flat sheet out evenly on the bed with trim side facing down and the top edge of the sheet lined up against the top of the mattress, and the bottom of the sheet hanging over the end of the bed.


Tuck end

Tuck the bottom end of the sheet under the mattress.


Create crisp corners

For the sides of the bed, create a smooth look by making crisp corners. Start by lifting the mattress slightly at the end of the bed and folding the end of the sheet tightly underneath. On one side of the bed, lift the excess fabric up on top of the bed, to create a 45 degree angle at one of the corners. Tuck the sheet that is hanging below the bed underneath tightly. Fold the remaining sheet on top of the bed over the side – creating another 45 degree angle at the corner – and tuck it under the side of the mattress tightly.


Tuck the sides of the sheet under the bed

Continue tucking the rest of the sheet along the side of the bed firmly, to ensure a smooth, tight surface. Repeat this on the other side.


Add a blanket, duvet or comforter

Add a blanket, duvet or comforter over the top of the bed, smoothing out the surface and edges. Fold it down from the top of the bed, along with the edge of the flat sheet for a finished look.


Place pillows

Finally a little pillow talk. Place your sleeping pillows first and top with your decorative pillow shams.


Add your accents

Lastly, add a splash of colour with some accent cushions and a stylish throw.