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How to iron a shirt

Do you have an important event coming up… a job interview? First date? Ironing can be a burden… but with these easy steps, you’ll be looking sharp in your freshly ironed shirt. 

ct howto 2016 Home IronaShirt ct howto 2016 Home IronaShirt




Make sure to read the shirt’s label

It’s important to understand what material it is before ironing. Otherwise, you may ruin it!

04-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-read-label 04-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-read-label


Prepare the iron by setting it to the lowest temperature

05-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-lowest-temperature 05-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-lowest-temperature


Lightly moisten your clean shirt with a spray bottle before laying it out on the flat edge side of the ironing board.

06-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-moisten-shirt 06-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-moisten-shirt


Iron underside of collar

Iron the underside of the collar, working out any kinks by pressing the iron from one side to the other. Repeat on the opposite side of the collar.

07-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-collar 07-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-collar


Repeat with shirt cuffs

First unbutton, and then iron on both sides. Be careful to work around the buttons, not over them.

08-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-shirt-cuffs 08-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-shirt-cuffs


Iron sleeves

Lay the sleeves out smoothly on the fabric of the ironing board. Start ironing at the top of the shirt where the sleeve meets the shoulder. Work your way down to the cuff. Turn over and repeat on the other side.

09-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-sleeves 09-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-sleeves


Iron the front of the shirt

Start with the outside, carefully working around the buttons. Then iron from the shoulder downward.

10-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-front 10-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-front


Iron the back

Lay the shirt flat on the board to iron the backside. Start at the back shoulder area and slowly slide the iron down.

11-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-back 11-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-iron-back


Inspect any missed spots

Now, hang up your shirt, button the top and inspect for any spots you may have missed.

12-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-hang-shirt 12-small-projects-2015-iron-a-shirt-clip-hang-shirt