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How to create a golden candle and wreath centerpiece

Here’s an easy idea for creating your own one-of-a-kind centrepiece. Customize it by adding items that delight you into the mix. 

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Prep materials

Add batteries to candles and lights, and remove any hanging loops or tags from décor. 


Prune greenery

Cut cedar greenery into smaller lengths of approximately 12-15” long. Remove any tough, woody stems.


Wind lights on wreath frame

Carefully wind lights loosely around wreath frame, then lay it flat on the table. 


Add greenery

Tuck greenery in and under the wreath frame and lights. Tuck in any loose light wires.


Add baubbles

Scatter small glass baubles around the wreath.


Add candles

Add your LED candles to the centre. Create a modern advent wreath by adding one pillar each week to represent the 4 weeks of the Christmas season.