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How to choose white christmas lights

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you need to make sure you’ve got the right shade of white Christmas lights for your decorating needs. ​

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Warm white

Warm white lights give off a slightly golden glow. They’re designed to mimic the look of classic, clear incandescent light bulbs.

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Pure white

Pure white lights are crisp, bright and very natural looking. These look the most white of all three colours.

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Cool white

Cool white has a bluish hue, giving them an icy appearance.

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For a warm, inviting ambience that resembles traditional Christmas celebrations from years gone by, warm white lights add a nostalgic element.

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For a bright, dynamic sparkle, or to mix with other colours, pure white lights make a big impact. 

ct-howto-2016-holiday-choosewhitechristmaslights-543x321_step2-2 ct-howto-2016-holiday-choosewhitechristmaslights-543x321_step2-2


To create a winter wonderland feeling, cool white lights bring lots of drama to the season. 

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ct-howto-2016-holiday-choosewhitechristmaslights-543x321_step2-3 ct-howto-2016-holiday-choosewhitechristmaslights-543x321_step2-3