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How to wax your car using a polisher

Learn how to use a polisher to wax your car like a pro.

How to wax your car using a polisher Banner How to wax your car using a polisher Banner


Prep your car

Thoroughly rinse your car before you get started to ensure there's no old wax or stuck on dirt and grime left behind. Dry it.


Put your hand in a plastic bag and gently rub your hand on the surface of your car

The bag will help to detect any stuck on grit and dirt that has adhered to the paint.


Grab the clay and ensure it is well lubricated using a spray detailer

You can then start to move the clay over the surface of the car, as it picks up dirt and grit.


Once the clay starts to drag or catch, you need to apply more detailer spray.


Keep folding the clay into itself so that the grit is not being dragged across the whole vehicle.


Time to wax!

Apply some of the liquid wax to the bonnet on the head of the polisher in an "X" shape.


Now dab that onto the paint to prevent the wax from splattering.


Work in straight lines overlapping each section across the panel

Do one panel at a time.


Apply more wax once the polisher starts to drag on the paint.


Use the lock function to operate the polisher continuously without having to hold down the trigger.


Don’t keep the polisher sitting on the same spot for any extended period of time

This could burn the paint.


Once you're finished, turn off and set the polisher aside

Use a microfibre towel to remove the wax and buff the panel.


Repeat the process with the other panels on your vehicle

Once you're finished, put the polisher away and wash the applicators/towels with a mild detergent.