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How to choose wheels

New wheels can change the look and handling of your vehicle. But how do you decide which wheels are best for you?

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Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are great for most weather conditions, but for winter driving they’re ideal, as they are road-salt and corrosion-resistant. The most cost-effective wheel option, steel wheels have a simple, industrial design. If you want your steel wheels to look more stylish, you can purchase wheel covers. These are inexpensive, and easy to install and remove. 
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Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are made of high-quality aluminum. Because this metal is easier to cast and work with, alloy wheels can be styled into a range of different looks to suit individual taste.

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All Weather Alloy Wheels

All weather alloy wheels are designed for most weather conditions year round, including winter. They are fully painted and clear coated to make the aluminum more resistant to road salt.

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Spring Summer Alloy Wheels

Spring-summer alloy wheels feature exposed aluminum accents or chrome, in attractive designs that give your vehicle a unique look. Because of the exposed metal, however, we don’t recommend spring-summer alloy wheels for winter use.

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What Size do you Need?

To find the wheel fitment that's right for your vehicle, use the link below, or visit the Parts Counter in-store instead.

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Tires & Wheels Packages

If you want to change the look of your car -- or if you’ll be changing your tires seasonally -- you may want to buy a tires and wheels package from Canadian Tire. Having wheels on both your winter and all season tires will save you money every time you need to switch.

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