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How to choose motor oil

We place high demand on our car engines, so protecting and caring for them is very important. Choosing the right type of motor oil for your vehicle is key.

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Consult your owner's manual

The owner’s manual for your vehicle will list the viscosity grade of the oil that your vehicle needs. To find oil that matches your vehicle’s grade, check the information in the centre of the circle on the label on the back of the oil container.

Synthetic oil

If you drive short distances often, find yourself regularly idling in traffic, or live in a climate where you sometimes drive in extreme temperatures, synthetic motor oil is a smart choice for you. This type of oil offers superior start up protection in cold temperatures, allows your engine to run longer between oil changes and provides better overall lubrication and wear protection than conventional oil.

High mileage oil

If your car has more than 120,000 km on the odometer, consider high mileage oil. Additives in high mileage oil are intended to help extend the life of older engines. They condition engine seals to reduce and prevent leaks, reduce oil burn-off and consumption, and improve combustion chamber sealing, to help restore engine compression.

Conventional oil

You might still use conventional oil if your car was produced with conventional oil, and you prefer to stick with the factory fill oil. The majority of the volume in conventional motor oil is base oil, which prevents the engine from overheating and lubricates its moving parts to protect them from friction related wear. Chemical additives are included to inhibit rust and corrosion, prevent build-up of engine sludge, and improve oil flow at low temperatures.

Consider transitioning to synthetic for superior engine protection.