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How to boost your car with a booster pack

Dead battery? Learn the steps to boost your vehicle safely and quickly with a booster pack

Auto boost a car boosterpack 1280x522-fwt Auto boost a car boosterpack 1280x522-fwt




Get ready to use your booster pack

If you’re boosting your car with a booster pack, position it so the cables can easily reach the discharged battery.


Connect the clamps

Connect the positive, red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative, black clamp to the negative terminal. 

A warning light will indicate if you’ve accidentally connected the clamps in reverse -- a safety feature that booster cables don’t have. If this light goes on, reverse your clamp connections. 

Once the connection is established, move the switch to the “ON” position to energize the clamps.


Start your car

Try starting your vehicle. 

If it doesn’t start right away, wait a minute before trying again. This will protect the booster pack and your car’s starter from overheating.


Remove the clamps

Once the engine is running again, remove the negative cable first and then the positive cable. 

And don’t forget to recharge your booster pack so it’s ready whenever you need it again.