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All of our paint, both Premier and Premier Extra, now feature our new paint can to allow for a better painting experience!

Everyone has that vision of old paint cans in storage that are rusty and the paint is clumpy from skinning because air has gotten in. The new Premier can will not rust and has a snap close seal which keeps the paint fresh for longer. With our new snap close seal, the can is infinitely easier to handle – both opening and closing. The new can is simply a better can and works hard to make the painting process easier for you.

This is a great question, and something that has been top of mind for us since we developed this product. Our new can is a balance between improving the functionality for our customers and the impact on the environment. While not perfect, we believe our new can addresses improvements over the existing metal and hybrid (metal and plastic) cans both in the environmental impact they have and their functionality. These cans are made from 100% recycled content and are recyclable in municipalities which accept black plastic in their blue bins. This is contrary to the hybrid (metal and plastic can) that is most commonplace in the industry (and that our paints were previously in) which cannot be recycled because they have a multi-material composition. 


The can has an air-tight seal keeping paint fresher for longer – we believe this will have a net benefit to the amount of paint ultimately disposed of through waste. From a functional standpoint our new cans won’t rust, won’t dent and have a specialized coating on the lid that prevents paint from skinning.


We strongly believe there should be a better way to paint. A way that’s more convenient for the people doing the painting. That’s why we developed Premier Ready to Roll. Our innovative packaging has many advantages over the traditional paint can, and while we know it’s not perfect, it’s a start for a better painting experience. And we’re not done. We’re continually working to make it better. Specifically, while our bag has a smaller carbon footprint than the hybrid can, it’s not currently recyclable and this bothers us too. But we’re not letting this deter us! We’re focused on finding an innovative solution to make a recyclable option in the future. Our goal is to take the pain out of painting for everyone! 

For starters, convenience. Our bag is easier to carry, pour and close than the traditional paint can. No more waiting to have paint mixed or shaken by a machine. Just shake the bag by hand right before you start.

Premier Ready to Roll paint is available in 14 designer colours. This selection was based on the latest colour trends and the most popular colours. It is available in an Eggshell sheen. Eggshell is the most popular finish because its low shine gives it a sophisticated look and is still highly washable.

Yes! We will be introducing a 15th colour in 2020 and will continue to adjust the colour palette as trends evolve.  

Easily. The Premier Ready to Roll paint bag is pre-mixed and designed to be shaken by hand. Separation can occur with paint and is perfectly normal. Just give the bag a shake using the easy to hold handles and you’re good to go!

In short, yes. But that’s a good thing. Our Premier Ready to Roll paint is specially formulated so that the paint is freeze/thaw stable up to three times! If the paint freezes, just wait until it thaws completely, give it a vigorous shake and then pour it into a paint tray to start your project. Additionally, Ready to Roll is formulated to be easier to apply while still getting the great coverage and scrubbability Premier paints are known for. Our formula is also modified to get the maximum vibrancy and richness from our 15 beautiful colours.

Our bag is rigid enough that the spout stays in place, so with a steady hand you can pour any leftover paint from your tray or bucket without any mess. Don’t have steady hands? Use a reusable funnel to ensure you don’t spill a drop.  


These are great questions, and something that has been top of mind for us since we developed this product. We put a lot of thought into Premier Ready to Roll, not only on the functional benefit it gives our customers over the paint can, but also the impact it might have on the environment. The Premier Ready to Roll bag and the commonly available hybrid paint can are both not recyclable. As with a paint can, check with your local municipality for safe disposal and recycling options. If you have leftover usable paint, companies like Habitat for Humanity accept donations and many municipalities offer paint trade-ins and donations. These organizations ensure safe recycling if there is no demand for your leftover paint.

It may seem counterintuitive that a bag that is not recyclable is more eco-friendly than the existing paint can, which is why we commissioned a leading sustainability research group (CIRAIG) to conduct an ISO-certified life cycle assessment (LCA) to compare the carbon footprint of our Ready to Roll bag relative to the standard hybrid paint can. Results showed that our bag produces less than half the greenhouse gas emissions than a standard hybrid paint can and is our resoundingly preferred packaging option. But we know the ideal solution is a version of this bag that is recyclable. We are currently exploring this with our suppliers in hopes to bring this, and other improved ways to paint, to Canadians in the near future.


Oh, it’s strong alright. We spent well over a year rigorously testing our bag including drop tests, puncture & UV resistance and hang testing helping to make it very durable and able to withstand normal wear and tear. We also spent that time adjusting our design to ensure our bags were ready for life in Canada! Checkout this video for a behind the scenes look at what we put our paint and bags through to get them ready for you.

Thanks to a specialized UV stabilizer we’ve coated our bags with, the paint inside is protected from UV exposure, keeping the colour rich and vibrant. However, it is recommended that Ready to Roll paint be stored in a cool, dark and dry location to maintain the integrity of the paint.


The performance of the product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty when applied in accordance with label directions to a properly prepared surface. This guarantee is effective for so long as you reside in your home, and is not transferable. In the event of a performance problem, contact 1-866-paint99 (1-866-724-6899). We will at our option, upon proof of purchase provide replacement paint free of charge or refund the full purchase price with a gift card. This warranty excludes (i) labor or cost of labor for the application of any paint, and (ii) any incidental or consequential expenses, losses or damages.

Each bag holds 3.78 litres (1 gallon) of paint and covers approximately 400 square feet of wall space (a small bedroom). Multiple coats may be needed depending on the colour chosen and what they are painting over. A primer is always recommended for best coverage results.

Ever paint a room and be short just a little bit of paint? Our bag can be rolled up like a toothpaste tube to empty it completely to give you a little extra coverage vs. a standard paint container.

Premier Ready to Roll paint should be stored the same way as a regular paint can. Store the paint in a temperature controlled environment which is cool, dark, and most importantly, dry. Air can be released from the partially empty bag, so it takes up much less space than the canned paint!

Let’s just say a long, long, long time. The paint in a bag does not have an expiry date. Leftover paint that has been opened should be closed tightly and stored in a cool, dry location.  

Safety is super important to us. Our paint is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is child/pet safe when it comes to air quality. However, this paint, as with all paint, should never be ingested. The lid is easy to reseal, and more importantly, child resistant. 

Of course! We aren’t kidding around when we call it paint without the pain! Premier Ready to Roll paint is pre-mixed and can be purchased instore and online. For online orders it can be picked up in the store or shipped to home. 

Premier Ready to Roll paint allows the paint to freeze and thaw up to three times and still maintains the original quality of the paint. If your paint has become a popsicle, allow the paint to thaw completely and then vigorously shake the bag to ensure minimal separation.

Premier: Paint without the Pain™