PAPAGO GoSafe 550 Dash Camera

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    PAPAGO GoSafe 550 Dash Camera

    PAPAGO GoSafe 550 Dash Camera





    With a 160° super wide angle view and a 2.7 inch display to view your videos with crystal-clear clarity, the PAPAGO GoSafe 550 Dash Camera is sure to help you relive all of your adventures, without image distortion. This loaded dash cam also has adjustable exposure values, and, records in 1296p high definition for professional IMAX quality. Like all of Papago’s advanced dash cams, the GoSafe 550 has multiple recording modes, including Loop Recording, Motion Detection, and Monitor Mode. On top of that, it includes Papago’s famous Driver Assist features, like Stop and Go warning, Headlight Reminder, and Stop Sign Recognition. With the GoSafe 550, you’ll be able to record and re-enjoy all of your safe travels.


    • 1296P High resolution and 160 degree viewing angle provides you superior image quality to capture footage while on the go
    • Designed to capture the entire road without taking up space on your windshield
    • Driver assist features designed to promote safer driving habits; alerts include stop sign recognition, stop and go (alerting you when the car in front of you moves forward while you are stopped for a traffic light), headlight reminder, and driver fatigue alarm
    • Screen size: 2.7" LCD
    • Automatically turns on the dash cam when the car engine is on, providing an effortless experience so you can focus on driving
    • Built in G-sensor detects impact, sharp braking, or sharp turns to enable emergency recording - recording file is write-protected
    • Multiple recording modes provides three different recording modes to provide optimal 24 hour security for your vehicle
    • Automatic recording is the default setting; motion detection mode will record when the lens detects movement and if there is no movement for one minute, the device will go back to sleep mode
    • Monitor mode takes a picture per second until it no longer senses any movement
    • Multi-level exposure values allows you to adjust EV value to capture the highest quality video in any environmental ambient lighting with a new HDR high dynamic metering compensation record the best footage at any time of the day, not only will you record more dynamic video but you will also record the smallest of details
    • Supports external storage up to 64 GB MICRO SD Card: Package comes with 8GB but can be extended to a 64GB MicroSD to allow you to get 8 hours of footage at 1080p, before it loops over old footage
    • Resilient and durable: Made to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, either hot or cold
    • Lifetime firmware updates: Eligible for free updates as soon as they are released


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.