How to

choose a pressure washer

Pressure washers are great for removing dirt, grime and grease from hundreds of items, keeping the things you own looking their best. These units deliver up to 75 times more pressure than an ordinary garden hose while using up to 80% less water, saving you time and money. 

How to

choose a pressure washer

Pressure washers are great for removing dirt, grime and grease from hundreds of items, keeping the things you own looking their best. These units deliver up to 75 times more pressure than an ordinary garden hose while using up to 80% less water, saving you time and money. 


What are you going to be using it for?

Before you start looking at the pressure washer options that are available, you should consider what you are going to be using it for. If you plan to use it for medium to heavy-duty jobs that are far from electrical plugs, a gas-powered pressure washer is your best bet. However, if you plan on using your pressure washer for small to medium jobs, an electric one will suffice.


Gas-powered pressure washers

Gas-powered pressure washers generally offer more pressure than electric washers, making them ideal for medium to heavy-duty jobs. They also offer greater versatility because you are not tied to an outlet.

Gas powered pressure washers have engines.

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Electric pressure washers

Electric pressure washers are compact, lightweight and convenient. While you do need an electrical outlet and an extension cord, electric washers don't require oil changes and you'll never have to stop to refuel. They are ideally suited for small- to medium-sized cleaning projects. 

Electric powered pressure washers have motors.

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Engine Power

Engine power is measured by torque, which is the rotational force that drives the pump, and cc (cubic centimetres), which is the relative size of the engine. The higher your torque and cc, the more powerful your engine. 

Motor Output

Motor output is measured in wattage or amperage; the higher the number, the more energy that is driving the pump. Universal motors are lightweight, providing increased portability while delivering reliable power, and are best-suited for light to moderate projects. Induction motors are low maintenance and efficiently deliver the power to tackle most cleaning jobs. 


Indirect Drive Pumps

Indirect drive pumps use a simple design to deliver consistent performance. 

Axial Cam Pumps

Axial cam pumps with Easy Start™ technology provide smooth starting and are maintenance-free. 

Heavy-Duty Axial Cam Pumps

Heavy-duty axial cam pumps offer greater durability and performance for frequent or heavy use.


Detergent Injection Tube

To apply detergent during low-pressure spraying, just drop the siphon tube into your container of pressure washer detergent. No measuring or pouring required. 

Single On-Board Detergent Tank

An on-board tank lets you fill your washer with the pressure washer detergent you'll use during low-pressure washing. This is very convenient if you'll be moving your washer around while cleaning. 

Dual On-Board Detergent Tanks with Selection Dial

This allows you to carry and store two types of detergent simultaneously on board your pressure washer. The selection dial lets you easily switch from one detergent type to the next without stopping. 

Foam Blaster

The Foam Blaster uses a combination of high-pressure water, air injection technology and detergent to provide professional, drive-through carwash-like foam. Simply fill the bottle with detergent, attach it to the gun, and coat the vehicle (or window, trash receptacle, boat, or whatever you want to clean) with thick, dirt grabbing foam. The high volume cleansing foam helps to remove dirt, debris, road grime and filth, while reducing the chances of marring and scratching. The easy to adjust valve also allows you to change the volume of foam and rinse the vehicle. 

Pressure Washer Detergents

These help increase your pressure washer performance by breaking up dirt, grime, mildew and stains for faster, more effective cleaning. Each pressure washer we carry is equipped to use detergents. 

Spray Nozzles

Adjustable Spray Nozzles

Quickly and easily change between high pressure, low pressure, pin-point and fan spray patterns, with just a twist of the wrist. 

Quick-connect and Project Pro® Nozzles

Get precise control and optimal cleaning with these nozzles featuring pre-defined spray patterns. 

Turbo Nozzle and RotoScrub™ Wide Nozzle

By whirling a pin-point spray in a circular pattern, these incredibly powerful tools clean up to 40% faster than standard adjustable spray nozzles.

5 in 1 Project Dial

Never worry about searching for lost nozzles again. Simply connect the 5-in-1 Project dial to the quick connect wand and select the desirable nozzle angle.


On-Board Pressure Reel

An on-board pressure hose, also known as a power cord reel, is an exterior-mounted reel that reduces clutter and neatly stores your pressure washer between uses. 

Internal Pressure Reel

Internal pressure hose and/or power cord reel is an interior-mounted reel that reduces clutter even more for tidy and compact storage of your pressure washer between uses.

On-Board Accessory Storage

On-board accessory storage stores your nozzles, wand and gun on your pressure washer to ensure that they are always readily available. 



The pounds per square inch of water pressure created by the pump. This is the pressure the washer uses to penetrate dirt and grime. Increasing the PSI will increase your cleaning power. 


The gallons per minute or volume of water delivered through the spray gun. The higher your GPM, the more water you'll use to break down dirt and wash it away.


A cleaning unit is calculated by the pressure washer's combined PSI and GPM. It is the most accurate way of measuring the total cleaning speed and power of a pressure washer. The higher the CU, the greater the variety of items you can clean and the more time you save.


Auto and Boat Cleaning Accessories

The kit includes a 6” spinning surface cleaner for safe scrubbing on smooth surfaces, a 10” squeegee for streak-free window cleaning and a dual turbo nozzle that doubles the cleaning action.
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Floor Cleaning Accessories

The kit includes a high-pressure floor brush for scrubbing dirt and grime from floors and a 12” surface cleaner for removing stubborn dirt from surfaces.
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Around the House Accessories

The kit includes an eaves trough nozzle for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, an 18” squeegee for streak-free window cleaning and a 62” aluminum extension wand for added reach.
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Spray Nozzles