Comment décorer votre arbre d'extérieur comme un professionnel. Lire la vidéo

Comment envelopper un arbre de lumières de Noël


Recouvrez vos arbres de jeux de lumières de Noël scintillants pour une allure magique et professionnelle. Rien de plus facile! 



How many lights do you need?

First determine how many lights you need. This is a personal preference, depending on how bright you want your tree, but but for this 15 foot tree with a slim trunk, we used approximately 300 lights. 


Roll up each strand of lights

To make the lights easier to handle, roll up each strand. Start with the female end in your hand and create tight little balls. 


Attach your extension cord to the tree

Secure your extension cord to the bottom of the tree by wrapping it around the base or using a zip tie. Be sure to point the connector downward, so rain or snow doesn’t get inside of it.


Wrap from the bottom up

Starting at the bottom of the tree, wrap upwards, keep each strand evenly spaced, about four fingers apart. If you prefer more lights, space them closer together. 


Wrap all the main exterior branches

Instead of trying to wrap every branch, concentrate on just the main exterior branches. When you wrap up a branch, double the space between each strand and then fill in the holes on the way back down, to keep things even.

Avoid crossing wires. Look for junctions between branches that allow you to keep the strands going in the same direction.