Summer Camp Essentials

Find everything you need for a fun and safe summer camp stay including sleeping bags, sun protection and sandals!
Outbound Comfort Sleeping Bag,  6°C
Outbound Shore Sandal, Navy, Youth
Outbound Youths' Laredo Jacket, Green
Nalgene Green Water Bottle, 32-oz
Outbound Kids' Flower Rubber Boots
Outbound Youth Water Shoes, Black/Blue
Woods 100 Lumen LED Headlamp
Outbound Child PFD, 30-60-lb
Woods™ Baker Backpack, 16-L
Coppertone Kids' Sunscreen Spray, SPF 60
Outbound Youth Sparky Shoe
Outbound Camping Pillow
Outbound Junior Kayak Paddle, 60-in
Nalgene Blue Water Bottle, 32 oz
Outbound Youth Shore Rubber Boots, Black
Outbound Shore Sandal, Youth, Grey
Woods™ Cargo Bag
Watkins Great Outdoors Mosquito Repellent Lotion, 240-mL
Outbound Youths' Laredo Jacket, Blue
Woods Microfibre Beach Towel
Outbound Canyon Backpack, 45-L
Outbound Youth Water Shoes, Blue/Green
HydroForce Inflatable Kids Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Outbound Toothbrush Cover
Outbound Foldable Duffel Bag, 24-in
Woods™ Cargo Bag
Outbound Lite Youth Sleeping Bag, 6°C
Woods™ Hand Towel