Paint Projects & Ideas

Add some drama to your bathroom with Premier paint.
Wall: Truest Grey PR16T08 Tub: Stormy Nights PR16X09
Project Ideas
Transform your home with these simple, yet striking, paint projects. Get inspired now to start painting.
  • Add some drama to your bathroom with Premier paint. Window sill: Daffodil PR16H18
Get inspired with Premier paint. Wall: Oyster PR16S10 Nook: lemon tart PR16D19
  • Add a pop of colour with Premier paint. wall: vanilla cappuccino PR16R05 door edge: guava pulp PR16E05
  • Bring your kitchen to life with Premier paint. wall: Grey Shadow PR16S30 kitchen door: Blue Abyss PR16N31
  • Paint your tub with Premier. wall: truest grey PR16T08 tub: stormy nights PR16X09
  • Add a pop of colour with Premier paint. wall: soapstone PR16S17 trim: albion blue PR16P32
  • Add a pop of colour with Premier paint. wall: winter sky PR16R31 drawer interiors: icy blue PR16F31
  • Paint a closet interior with Premier. wall: sechelt sky PR16R30 interior of closet: guava pulp PR16E05
  • Paint a headboard on your wall with Premier. wall: quartz stone PR16S02 headboard: deep blush PR16M02
A DIY painted headboard project by Premier. Wall: bridge grey PR16T06 Headboard: dark denim PR16X36
A painted headboard by Premier. wall: sweet coconut PR16Z06 headboard trim: mulberry brown PR16V03 headboard: birthday cake PR16L03
  • Paint a pattern behind your shelf with Premier. top and bottom: cold winter PR16U30 centre: peaceful blue PR16IJ34 sides: grey shadow PR16T30
Frame a wall shelf with Premier. Big shelf and colour block: truest grey PR16T08 Small shelf: pure black PR16X08
  • Add sweet paint accents to kid’s rooms with Premier. wall: sainte-agathe-beach PR16A05 colour block: springtime peach PR16C06
  • Accent a bookshelf with Premier paint. wall: tempest grey PR16P13 back of bookcase: Caramel Gelato PR16P13
Paint fun accents with Premier. wall: rainy day PR16S33 colour block: splendid blue PR16P33
  • Paint your wooden furniture with Premier. back stool: steel tin whistle PR16S08 centre stool: rosa romance PR16K02 front stool: city square PR16U09
Paint your wooden furniture with Premier. left chair: cityscape solid stain right chair: red wood solid stain
Paint children’s furniture with Premier. left chair: bright coral PR16D05 table: caribbean sea PR16C29 right chair: lemon tart PR16D19 stools: lake blue PR16F32
Create a stripe of colour with Premier paint. far left chair: Clear Sky PR16K31 left chair: oasis PR16K31 right chair: Mediterranean Summer PR16E29 far right chair: aquamarine PR16G29
  • Create a stripe of colour with Premier paint. wall: october sky PR16R09 accent wall: dark teal PR16O30
Paint striped walls with Premier. glossy stripes: ridley road PR16L30 matte stripes: green valley PR16K30
Define a space with Premier paint. wall: evergreen PR16X29 accent wall: october sky PR16O30
  • Create dramatic living rooms with Premier paint. wall: royal night PR16Q33
Create warm family rooms with Premier paint. wall: Mocha Cappuccino PR16Q04 door & window trims: arctic white PR16Y09
Choose bold paint colours with Premier paint. wall: berry beauty PR16L35
  • Create a serene nursery with Premier paint. wall left: bleached blue PR16R35 wall right: sweet coconut PR16Z06
  • Brighten up your kitchen with Premier paint. wall: cottage blue PR16228
Create a dramatic dining room with Premier paint. wall: black coffee PR16X07 ceiling: sweet coconut PR16Z06
Create a colourful bathroom with Premier paint. upper wall: oasis PR16F30 lower wall: mint macaroon PR16B30

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