MotoMaster Nautilus Ultra XD Group 27 High Performance AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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  • MotoMaster Nautilus Ultra XD Group 27 High Performance AGM Deep Cycle Battery's 99.99% pure lead AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology and precision robotic assembly to deliver extreme power, endurance and reliability
  • Capable of over 400 charge/discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge and over 900 cycles at 50% depth of discharge - that's more than 2x the cycle life of regular AGM batteries and 4X the cycle life of conventional flooded deep cycle batteries
  • More useable power: Unlike conventional flooded batteries that should never be taken beyond 50% depth of discharge, pure lead AGM technology can withstand deep discharges allowing you to take advantage of more of the battery's rated amp hour
  • Rapid recharging: Accepts the maximum amount of amps that an alternator or battery charger can deliver for astonishingly fast recharges
  • Clean, safe and truly maintenance-free: no messy or dangerous acid spills, can be mounted in virtually any position, no gassing (under normal charging), never requires water to be added and brass terminals that will never build corrosion
  • Extremely low self-discharge: stores for up to 2 years on a full charge with no loss of capacity, ideal for off-season storage
  • Extreme vibration resistance: up to 28X more vibration resistant than a conventional marine battery to handle the roughest waters or terrain
  • Longest life: Up to 2x longer service life than regular AGM batteries and 6x longer than conventional flooded batteries
  • Group size: 27
  • 1750 Pulse crank amps, 1080 marine crank amps, 92 amp hours, 195 minute reserve capacity
  • Dimensions: 10-7/8" L x 6-3/4" W x 8-7/8" H (33 x 18 x 23 cm)


4-year free replacement warranty