MotoMaster Air Powered Single-Action Grease Gun

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    The MotoMaster Air Powered Single-Action Grease Gun is a single-action grease gun that offers the user complete control over the lubrication maintenance task. The air delivery pump head allows a measured amount of grease (approximately 1 g) to be dispensed with each pull of the trigger. This reduces the likelihood of over-filling that often damages seals and bearings. The handle and trigger are positioned to maintain an ergonomic working position which minimizes user fatigue and work related injuries. Refilling the grease gun is a breeze with 3 way loading. The priming process is also simplified due to the included Air Bleeder Valve. Simply refill the grease reservoir, engage the follower system, and engage the air bleed valve. Once complete, you are ready to dispense grease.


    • MotoMaster Air Powered Single-Action Grease Gun offers the convenience of one-hand operation for easy greasing
    • Pump Ratio: 40:1
    • Working air pressure of 60-90 psi; Maximum operating pressure: 205 Bar
    • 3-way Loading: 397 g / 400 cc. Cartridge, 454 g / 500 cc bulk fill or fill with pump
    • Output 100 g of grease per 100 strokes
    • Equipped with air bleeder valve to vent air pockets
    • Heavy gauge steel barrel with wide band, non-slip knurling
    • Chrome plated barrel for maximum protection against corrosion
    • Posi-lock Follower Rod with ergonomically designed T-handle provides sure-handed grip and easy filling at any position
    • Complete with Grease Coupler and Non-drip Cap and 150mm Extension Pipe


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.