Energizer NiMH Rechargeable C Batteries, 2-pk

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    Energizer NiMH Rechargeable C Batteries, 2-pk


    Keep your family fully powered every day with long-lasting Energizer Recharge Universal Rechargeable Batteries. These rechargeable batteries help you save money and create less waste over time, reducing environmental impact. Each Energizer Recharge Universal battery can be charged and used hundreds of times. Don’t feel like using your charged-up batteries right away? The charge lasts up to one year in storage. Simply pair up with any Energizer Recharge Charger to power up your everyday devices like toys, portable radios, and flashlights and keep the power going.


    • Energizer NiMH Rechargeable C Batteries are engineered to give extended power to your power-hungry devices
    • Each battery can be charged hundreds of times, with a charge that can last up to 12 months in storage
    • Extended Life Composition ensures up to 3-year usable battery life under typical usage patterns
    • One charge allows you to enjoy up to 5.5 hours of toy activity (results vary by device and usage)
    • Note: As chemistry and voltage vary across both battery types and brands, we recommend that you do not mix batteries. Mixing of cells can result in battery leakage and sub-optimal device performance. For best results, replace all batteries with the same brand, chemistry, voltage, and size when the device performance becomes unsatisfactory


    • Battery Amp Hours (amp-hour):

      2500 Ah
    • Battery Pack Size:

    • Battery Quality:

    • Battery Target Use(s):

    • Battery Type:

      Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH)
    • Battery Type/Battery Size:

    • Battery Voltage:

      1.5 V
    • Package Depth (cm):

      2.64 cm
    • Package Depth (in):

      1.04 in
    • Package Height (cm):

      10.80 cm
    • Package Height (in):

      4.25 in
    • Package Weight (kg):

      0.12 kg
    • Package Weight (lb):

      0.26 lb
    • Package Width (cm):

      9.37 cm
    • Package Width (in):

      3.69 in


    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.