Coleman Large BBQ Cover

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    Coleman Large BBQ Cover


    Proof that your BBQ cover doesn’t have to be an eyesore on your backyard Patio. This beautiful Coleman® BBQ Cover not only offers you the style and design you are looking for, but also the ALL SEASON STRONG™ performance we need in Canada. Specially designed for Coleman® Even Heat™ or Revolution™ 3 or 4-Burner Barbecues, this cover is the protection you need for your grill! Expandable from 54.5" - 58.5" with Zip2Fit™ Technology, this cover also fits most other 3-4 burner barbecues. Designed with convenience in mind, this cover includes easy on/off handles and optimal air vents that keep the air flow moving. Hook and loop closure straps and rip-resistant material make it truly All-Season Strong!


    • Protect your BBQ with the Coleman Large BBQ Cover
    • Zip to fit expandable barbeque cover to ensure precise fit
    • All season strong withstanding even the toughest Canadian winter
    • Protected against fading
    • Two ventilated handles conveniently located for easy removal
    • Velcro straps for securing the cover snugly around your barbeque
    • Fits barbeques from 54" to 62" (137 to 157.5 cm) wide including Coleman Revolution 3 Burner and 4 Burner BBQs


    • Cover Type:

      BBQ Covers
    • Package Depth (cm):

      10.00 cm
    • Package Height (cm):

      25.00 cm
    • Package Width (cm):

      34.00 cm
    • Package Weight (kg):

      2.25 kg
    • Fitment Brand-Models:

      Coleman|G52201, Coleman|G52202, Coleman|G52203, Coleman|G52204, Coleman|G52205, Coleman|G52206, Coleman|G52207, Coleman|G52208, Coleman|G52209, Coleman|G52210, Coleman|G52211, Coleman|G52212, Coleman|G52215, Coleman|G52216, Coleman|G52217, Coleman|G52218, Coleman|G52220, Coleman|G52221, Coleman|G52222, Coleman|G52223, Coleman|G52227, Coleman|G52228, Coleman|G52229, Coleman|G52230, Coleman|G53201, Coleman|G53202, Coleman|G53203, Coleman|G53204
    • Maximum Width (cm) Fit:

      148.59 cm
    • Minimum Width (cm) Fit:

      134.62 cm
    • Maximum Width (in) Fit:

      58.50 in
    • Minimum Width (in) Fit:

      53.00 in
    This product carries a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable in-store.
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