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How to decorate a Christmas tree


Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition and everyone has their own way to do it. These are just a few ideas to get your started.



String the lights

If your tree isn’t pre-lit, start by stringing your lights. Make sure to plug each strand in to check that they’re functional before you start.

Work from the top down. Start at the trunk, circling lights around a branch out to the tip and then back in before moving on to the next branch. Aim for about 100 lights or more for every foot-and-a-half of tree. And if part of your tree is facing a wall, don’t bother lighting that section — no one will ever know!


Add garland

Now it’s time to add the garland. Again, start from the top and work your way down. You probably need about 2 strands for each foot of tree.

Ribbon or foil garland should be loosely wrapped, while beaded garlands should hang from branch to branch, with a little swag.


Hang the ornaments in your feature colour

Start with all the ornaments in your primary Christmas colour. Hang the larger ones first, keeping them close to the tree trunk, followed by the smaller ones on the tips, to create depth.


Hang your accent colour ornaments

Add all the ornaments in your accent colour. Try a combine of textures and finishes to create visual interest.


Hang the precious pieces

Finally, hang the ornaments that are the most precious to you — maybe family heirlooms or sentimental favourites. Remember to hang them up high if you’ve got kids or pets in the house.


Add any accents

If you want to include some florals, greenery or clip-on accents, now is the time.


Top the tree

Last, but certainly not least, add the tree topper.


Add a tree skirt

And now, tie the look together with a coordinating tree skirt.