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Installation Charges
Basic faucet and toilet installation is $129.99. See the table below for all related services and charges.


Service Number Service Description Service Price*
198-1059 Faucet Installation $129.99
198-1061 Toliet Installation $129.99
Product Number Product Description Service Price
198-1060 Toliet Disposal $49.99
198-1062 Installation of toilet/faucet water line valve cut off (each) $29.99
198-1064 Delivery FROM $70.00**
The Authorized Installer will:
  • •   Remove old toilet and replace with a new assembled toilet
  • •   Replace wax seal
  • •   Place and connect toilet to existing plumbing (no modifications)
  • •   Connect toilet to existing water supply line
  • •   Clean up work area and remove old toilet for customer disposal

The Authorized Installer will:
  • •   Remove old faucet and replace with a new faucet
  • •   Place and connect faucet to existing plumbing (no modifications)
  • •   Connect faucet to existing water supply line
  • •   Clean up work area and remove old faucet for customer disposal

What could lead to additional costs?
•   Additional parts, labour or modifications to existing or new plumbing
•   Installation of water line valve cut-off (see cost under Other charges)
•   Delivery of your toilet/faucet (see cost under Other charges)

You will be asked if you want to accept the additional charges and can cancel the Agreement if you do not.

The Authorized Installer will inform you of any additional charges before starting the work.

*Charges do not include the following taxes based on your province of Residence:
HST (ON 13%, PE 14%, NB, NL, NS 15%) with the remaining provinces at GST 5% plus PST as applicable (QC 9.975%, BC 7%, SK 6%, MB 7%). 
Identification Number of CTS: 100772995 GST Number: 100772995 RT0001 QST Number: 1009787450 TQ0001
Canadian Tire Services is the holder of a license issued under the Building Act. RBQ license number: 5654-7714-01

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