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Assembly/Installation PricesInstallation
Assembly/installation prices are determined by the type, complexity and time required to assemble and install your Temporary Shelter or Canopy. Please see table below for a list of services and related charges. 
The Authorized Installer will:
• Deliver the Temporary Shelter or Canopy (if delivery is purchased).
• Disassemble the old Temporary Shelter or Canopy (if disassembly is purchased) and place the Temporary Shelter or Canopy and any add-on accessories in a storage container provided by the Customer (if requested)
• Assemble/install the Temporary Shelter or Canopy according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Assemble/install add-on accessories: screens, enclosures and/or extensions (if add-on installation is purchased)
• Anchor the Temporary Shelter or Canopy according to the manufacturer’s product requirements.
• Clean up the work area once the Temporary Shelter or Canopy is assembled/installed.
• Prepare the product’s packaging for disposal by the Customer.

• If there is insufficient space free from clutter where the Temporary Shelter or Canopy is to be assembled/installed, the Authorized Installer will advise you of the additional cost to clean up the area. The price will be determined by the amount of time it takes to clean up the area and any additional material required to address the issues and complete the assembly/installation. You will be asked if you want to accept the additional charges and can cancel the Agreement if you do not.

The Authorized Installer will inform you of any additional charges before starting the work. 
• Temporary Shelters are typically sold with basic-temporary anchors intended to anchor the Temporary Shelter to soft ground, such as soil or grass. These are generally insufficient for anchoring shelters to hard ground, such as concrete, asphalt or stone or to prevent unwanted movement in windy conditions. We recommend purchasing an Anchor Kit to ensure your temporary shelter does not move. Customers may purchase Anchor Kits from a Canadian Tire store or online at
• You are also responsible for purchasing the appropriate anchors for your temporary shelter/canopy if the anchors that are included with the product are not sufficient for the location where you would like the product to be assembled/installed.
• You are responsible for understanding and complying with local zoning bylaws, such as proximity to fences and lot lines, other applicable laws and regulations and obtaining all required permits and underground utility locates when selecting a location for your temporary shelter/canopy.
• You are responsible for the cost involved in moving or removing your Temporary Shelter or Canopy if you have selected the wrong location or it is not permitted in your municipality.

*Charges do not include the following taxes based on your province of residence:
HST (ON 13%, PE 14%, NB, NL, NS 15%) with the remaining provinces at GST 5% plus PST as applicable (QC 9.975%, BC 7%, SK 6%, MB 7%). 
Identification Number of Canadian Tire Services Limited: 100772995; GST Number: 100772995 RT0001; QST Number: 1009787450 TQ0001.
Canadian Tire Services Limited is the holder of a license issued under the Building Act.
RBQ license number: 5654-7714-01.
**Shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address and the size and weight of the item(s).

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