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Installation charges
Assembly/installation/set-up prices are determined by the size, type, complexity and time required to assemble and install your garage door opener. Please see the table below for a list of service and related charges.

Service Number

Service Description

Service Price*


Basic installation (first unit)


Additional Services




Premium installation



Wifi set-up



Out-of-warranty service call


 The Authorized Installer will:
  • •   Remove an existing garage door opener
  • •   Install the garage door opener according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • •   Mount garage door opener (up to 10´ high) according to product requirements (Doors taller than 8' require Extension Brackets - sold separately)
  • •   Install and adjust safety sensors, as well as any monitors or lasers, outdoor coded key pads and/or battery packs
  • •   Mount wood framing (if necessary) to top of garage door opener to support header bracket
  • •   Plug in and test garage door opener (providing there is a receptacle within three (3) feet of the garage door opener)
  • •   Test remote(s) and control pad(s) to ensure proper and safe operation
  • •   Clean up the area once the garage door opener is installed 

Or upgrade to our Premium Installation package which includes:
  • •   Do everything as stated in the Basic assembly/installation package
  • •   Check and adjust door hinges (does not include replacing the hinges)
  • •   Lubricate all moving parts of garage door
  • •   Check door rails and clear them of debris
  • •   Check door balance and make adjustments to tension spring if necessary

 • The garage ceiling is higher than 7´ and extension brackets are required (Customer may purchase the extension brackets online at or from the Authorized Installer)
 • The garage ceiling has less than 5˝ clearance from the garage door and quick-turn brackets are required (Customer may purchase the quick-turn brackets from the Authorized Installer)
 • The garage door is higher than 8´ tall, and an extension rail is required (Customer may purchase from a Canadian Tire store – note: the garage door opener must be matched to the correct extension rail)
 • The garage door does not open freely and an adjustment is required
 • There is not sufficient space free from clutter where the garage door opener is to be installed

The price will be determined by the amount of parts/material required and the time it takes to complete the work. You will be asked if you want to accept the additional charges and can cancel the Agreement if you do not.

The Authorized Installer will inform you of any additional charges before starting the work.

*Charges do not include the following taxes based on your province of Residence:
HST (ON 13%, PE 14%, NB, NL, NS 15%) with the remaining provinces at GST 5% plus PST as applicable (QC 9.975%, BC 7%, SK 6%, MB 7%). 
CTFS Tax Registration Numbers: GST/HST # 100772995 RT. *Les frais ne comprennent pas les taxes suivantes, établies en fonction de votre province de résidence : 
TPS 5 % plus TVQ, le cas échéant (Québec : 9,975 %). TVH (Ont. 13 %, Î.-P.-É., N.-B., T.-N.-L., N.-É. 15 %). Autres provinces : TPS 5 % plus TVP, le cas échéant (C.-B. 7 %, Sask. 6 %, Man. 7 %). 
Numéros d'enregistrement aux fins de l'impôt des SFCT : TPS/TVH N° 100772995 RT

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