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Light fixture replacement (1st unit)



Light fixture replacement (each additional unit)



Ceiling fan replacement (1st unit)



Ceiling fan replacement (each additional unit)






New installation quote fee**


The Authorized Installer will:

Review the installation with the Customer before starting the work, and confirm the maximum ceiling height is ten (10) feet 
Take down any existing ceiling light or fan and place it in an area designated by the Customer for disposal
Connect the new ceiling light or fan to the existing electrical box [Note: the existing electrical box must be equipped with power, must be connected to a control device (switch/dimmer) and must be in a location that is sufficiently reinforced to support the weight of any new ceiling light or fan]
Test the ceiling light or fan to ensure proper operation 
Clean up the work area once the ceiling light or fan is assembled/installed
Prepare the product packaging for disposal by Customer
Review assembly/installation with the Customer upon completion

Things to consider:   
The Customer is responsible for understanding and confirming compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations which may regulate and restrict the location and size of the ceiling light or fan or that may be in place by the property owner, property management and/or condominium board for your property when installing your ceiling light or fan.   

Ceiling lights or fans installed in a new location will require a permit. The Authorized Installer will apply for the permit and inform the Customer of the cost prior to obtaining the permit. The fee for an electrical permit varies according to the type of work being performed. If you require a new installation, a quote for the services will be provided after payment of the fee outlined below under Assembly/Installation charges.   
Installation does not include the following items, however they can be purchased separately as add-ons to your assembly/installation:    
• The fixture itself, or any applicable light bulbs or batteries for remote controls   
• Electrical boxes, switches or dimmers   
• Upgrading wiring or electrical hardware   
• Attachment of chandelier crystals   

The Authorized Installer will inform you of any additional charges before starting the work.

6*Charges do not include the following taxes based on your province of Residence:
HST (ON 13%, PE 14%, NB, NL, NS 15%) with the remaining provinces at GST 5% plus PST as applicable (QC 9.975%, BC 7%, SK 6%, MB 7%). 
Identification Number of CTS: 100772995 GST Number: 100772995 RT0001 QST Number: 1009787450 TQ0001
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