Warm Mist Humidifiers
    These humidifiers boil water, killing bacteria and mould without the use of a filter. They are great for treating coughs and sinus problems.
    Ultrasonic Humidifiers
    These units use high-frequency sound vibrations to produce a fine warm or cold water mist. They are energy efficient and great for smaller areas.
    Vaporizers use hot steam to help fight off cold or flu symptoms. They do not require a filter and work best in small rooms. 
    Furnace Humidifiers
    These humidifiers disperse moisture in the form of an invisible mist using your furnace. They are good in winter or year-round for respiratory relief.
    Cool Mist Humidifiers
    These models disperse a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist. They are good for children or pets, due to reduced risk of heat-related injury. 
    Evaporative Humidifiers
    These humidifiers blow water into the air, trapping dust particles. They are noiseless and good for people with breathing problems.
    Filters & Accessories
    Be prepared with replacement filters. Choose from an assortment of refills, cartridges and more.

    Furnace Filters
    Keep backup filters on hand to reduce and prevent allergens. Discover our selection of specialized furnace filters.