Go Eco

Automotive waste recycling and disposal
Available at Canadian Tire stores across Quebec

Reduce the environmental footprint of your vehicle and save money with Go Eco. The first program of its kind in Canada, Go Eco is helping to reduce the amount of automotive waste going to Quebec landfills and waterways. Whether you do your own oil changes or prefer that Canadian Tire does them for you, Canadian Tire can ensure your automotive waste is responsibly recycled or disposed.

The Go Eco program is only available in the province of Quebec.

Do it Yourself

Environmentally responsible recycling services enable you to return used automotive products to Quebec Canadian Tire stores.

What can be returned to Canadian Tire?

  • Used oil
  • Oil filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Aerosol spray cans
  • Oil containers
  • Used air filters

How do I drop off used materials?

Look for a Drop-off Box marked with the Go Eco logo outside every Canadian Tire location in Quebec. The Drop-off boxes meet provincial regulations governing the storage of hazardous waste.

Go Eco labels are prominently displayed on automotive products that can be returned to stores.

Do It For You

Enhanced auto services keep your vehicle well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency while reducing impacts to the environment.

Go Eco offers these services:

Oil change with energy conserving oil

  • Not only does synthetic oil keep your engine cleaner, offer greater engine wear protection, flow better in low temperatures and protect better at high temperatures, but synthetic oils can last as much as three times longer than conventional oil. (Sources: https://mobiloil.com, //auto.howstuffworks.com/synthetic-conventional-motor-oil.htm)
  • Our auto service centres use synthetic oil that is purchased in bulk which reduces waste associated with oil containers. Synthetic oil is approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers to be Energy Conserving.

Tire inflation using nitrogen

  • Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules making it more difficult for nitrogen to escape through tire sidewalls, allowing tires to maintain optimal pressure for longer periods of time. Nitrogen also extends the life of tires.
  • A tire that is underinflated by 8 psi can lose 15,000 km from its road life and increase gas consumption by 4 %. (Source: Natural Resources Canada)

Rustproofing using vegetable-based oil

  • Our auto service centres use rust-proofing oil that is vegetable based and biodegradable, rather than petroleum based.
  • Rustproofing services extend the life of your vehicle by preventing rust build up. (Source: Natural Resources Canada)

What happens to waste materials?

  • 100% of the waste that results from servicing your vehicle is recycled or disposed of responsibly.
  • If you change your oil at home, return your used oil, oil filter and oil containers to a CT automotive centre. Look for a Drop-off Box marked with the Go Eco logo outside every Canadian Tire location in Quebec. You can be assured that the box meets provincial regulations governing the storage of hazardous waste.

Why should I Go Eco?

  • Properly maintaining your vehicle by following the recommended practices encouraged by your vehicle's manufacturer can help you save money, improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, and minimize the environmental impact of your vehicle by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 13%. Source: Natural Resources Canada)
  • Maintaining your vehicle through regular service can save you money and reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle.
  • Go Eco allows for recycling and responsible disposal of automotive waste products, regardless of whether or not the product was originally purchased at Canadian Tire.