Yardworks 12A Powerful Leaf Blower/VAC with Aero Force Technology

Developed in house, by our product engineers, the Yardworks Aero Force Technology tube amplifies air volume by 2.5X to help you tackle your outdoor chores faster.

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Power packed

The most powerful 12A blower in our assortment.

Open Design

More air is drawn into the opening to increase air volume and provide greater output.

2.5x more airflow

Generates up to 700 CFM!

Power up airflow

Through extensive testing, we learned that air volume, not velocity, makes the difference in moving leaves. So we figured out how to significantly increase the air volume through the tube. Now our customers can get the job done fast. You won’t find another leaf blower like the Aero Force leaf blower.

  • 700 CFM/PI3/MIN Air Volume
  • 82.5 MPH/mi/h(132.8km/h) Air Speed
  • 12A Motor
  • Super powerful 700 CFM air volume covers a larger area to clear leaves and dirt fast.
  • Includes blower tube, vacuum tube, collection bag, screws and instruction manual.
  • 2-stage, metal impeller delivers
    14:1 mulch ratio
  • Motor:
  • Air Volume:
  • Air Speed:
  • Impeller type:
  • Noise rating:
  • Weight:
  • 12 A
  • 700 CFM
  • 82.5 MPH (132.8 km/h)
  • 4 3/4" (11.0cm), metal
  • 95 dBA
  • 10 lb 4 oz (4.6kg)
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150% Increased air volume*

Amplifying technology increases air volume to clear leaves faster.

*with AERO FORCE TechnologyTM tube.
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year limited exchange warranty