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Note:  This form should only be used when you have purchased a card at a Canadian Tire Store or at another retailer through the Gift Card store, or you have purchased a product related to a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance® promotion.

* Required Field

Type of Activation

I have purchased a Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance membership card in store and I would like to activate my account.
I purchased an eligible product at the store and need to provide my personal and vehicle information to activate my membership. 
Where is the Serial Number/Repair Order Number?
(As indicated on the front of Terms and Conditions)

Personal Information

Address must be in the country of Canada
You must be a resident of Canada to become a member

Vehicle Information

The card number can be located on the back of the card. See the example above.

The product serial number or 'S/N' is unique to your GPS unit and can be located on the bottom or the back of the GPS unit itself.
The Repair Order Number is located on the top right corner of the repair order which you received when your tires were installed at a Canadian Tire service centre.

Your vehicle licence plate number is required to confirm eligibility for roadside assistance coverage and will be used by service providers to locate your vehicle easier should you require service.

The UPC can be located on the box of the GPS unit or at the bottom of the GPS unit itself. The UPC should look similar to the picture above.

Having trouble registering?  Give us a call at 1-888-727-7478.