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Ice Wiper Blades

Our ultimate winter wiper blades

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Integrated outer shell seals out ice and snow.
Premium Rubber compound resists tearing and ripping.

Why buy these
winter wiper blades?

Regular windshield wipers can’t offer you superior visibility during winter months. Winter blades can. Reflex Ice Wiper Blades have been developed by German engineers for harsh, sub-zero degree Canadian winters. An integrated outer shell seals out ice and snow while the flexible aerodynamic wind spoiler improves airflow, giving you a clear view at highway speeds in any weather.

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Tested to -40°C.
Aerodynamic wind spoiler improves airflow.
Discover reflex ice wiper blades
Stay safe on the road this coming season with our most effective winter windshield wiper blades.
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Tested at 40C
Tested At -40°C

Reflex Wiper Blades are made with a unique rubber compound that resists tearing and ripping even down to a frigid -40 degrees Celsius. These are blades that can handle harsh winter weather.

Time for new windshield wipers?

These common wiper problems are all signs that you need a replacement pair.

  • Streaking

  • Unwiped areas

  • Smearing

  • Chattering