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  • SkeeterVac SV-3100C Mosquito Exterminator
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SkeeterVac SV-3100C Mosquito Exterminator


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SkeeterVac SV-3100C Mosquito Exterminator

Product #59-3706-6

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  • Provides 1-acre coverage for attracting, trapping and killing biting insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, sand flies, no-see-ums, and biting midges
  • Cordless -- just turn on the gas at the cylinder (sold separately), push the multi-spark electronic ignitor, and the SkeeterVac starts operating quietly and odour-free
  • 31,000 cc/hr CO2 output for maximum attraction
  • Includes a cartridge of Octenol which acts as an additional attractant over and above CO2; FineTune allows you to adjust the Octenol release levels to match species in your area
  • Directional sticky trap binds mosquitoes as they land on it and uses an exclusive contrast pattern to help direct flight paths into the vacuum trap
  • 5-colour LED 'motion' lighting system helps increase attraction levels and works on difficult species like the Asian Tiger mosquito
  • Wave Trap feature ensures minimal loss in vacuum power -- as the trap fills up, air flows unobstructed straight down
  • No-tool assembly -- simply snap the post to the base and head, dial in the Octenol level, and hand-tighten the regulator to the cylinder (sold separately)
  • Includes security stakes and vinyl cylinder cover

Canadian Tire Warranty:

1 year repair only warranty

Additional Product Information:

Optimal results require 4-6 wks to fully disrupt mosquito breeding cycle. For customer support call: Blue Rhino 1-800-762-1142
  • Brand Name - SkeeterVac
  • Accessories - One octenol cartridge, security stakes and vinyl cylinder cover
  • Secondary Attractant - LED motion lighting, sticky traps
  • Special Features - Instant Start, FineTune® Maximum Protection Baiting System adjustable octenol output
  • Stand Type - Wheeled cart with handle
  • Timer Function - N/A
  • Weight - N/A
  • Type - Cordless
  • Maximum Range - N/A
  • Primary Attractant - CO2, Octenol
  • Maximum Coverage - Up to 1.2 acres
  • Dimensions - N/A