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ProStart 2-button Remote Starter


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ProStart 2-button Remote Starter

Product #34-0742-4

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  • Allows you to start your vehicle from inside your house, by heating it in the winter and cooling it in the summer
  • Can be used on manual or automatic transmissions
  • Works with gas and diesel engines
  • Independent arm/disarm outputs for factory alarm control
  • Worry-free start-up - will start up your car, but doors and steering wheel remain locked. A built-in security switch means you still need your key to drive your car
  • Can learn up to 4 remote transmitter codes
  • Can be configured to automatically start your car in cold weather to prevent battery drainage
  • 1-way remote starter with a 2-button transmitter
  • Features remote start and stop capabilities
  • Optional lock, unlock, and trunk release
  • Most vehicles require an "Interface Module" installed along with the remote starter which will allow the Remote Starter to communicate with your vehicle's on board computer
  • Check your local Canadian Tire Store for details on installation

Canadian Tire Warranty:

1 year repair only warranty

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Return policy exception: Return limited to 14 days