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  • MotoMaster Eliminator Intelligent Battery Charger, 12/8/2A

MotoMaster Eliminator Intelligent Battery Charger, 12/8/2A


MotoMaster Eliminator Intelligent Battery Charger, 12/8/2A



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  • MotoMaster Eliminator Intelligent Battery Charger is a fully automatic, multi-stage charging for 12V batteries
  • Built-in intelligent microprocessor makes charging faster, easier and safer
  • Ten minute charge to start and 3 hour fast charge
  • Select 12A fast charge or 8A medium charge for charging large batteries, or select 2A trickle charge for charging small batteries
  • Optimal charge mode automatically selects the ideal charge rate for your battery to protect against damage and reduced battery life caused by overheating
  • Automatically switches from full charge to maintenance mode to maintain batteries during prolonged periods of storage without overcharging or damaging the battery
  • Battery reconditioning feature reverses sulphate build-up on battery plates and helps restore battery capacity
  • Battery voltage diagnostics continuously monitor battery voltage to detect potential defects
  • Features reverse polarity, short circuit and overheat protection to prevent damage to battery or charger
  • Suitable for all types of 12V lead acid batteries including AGM, deep cycle and gel cell.
  • 6' power cord and output cables for up to 12' of reach

Canadian Tire Warranty:

This product carries a 3 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.

  • Brand Name - MotoMaster Eliminator
  • Modes - Auto
  • Battery Tester - Yes
  • Timer Function - No
  • Type - Bench Top
  • Float Mode Monitoring - Yes
  • Charge Rates - 12/8/2 A
  • Spark Proof - Yes
  • Reverse Hookup Protection - Yes
  • Water Resistant - No
  • Battery Type - 12V, Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle
  • Auto Shut-Off - Yes
  • Applications - Auto, Marine, RV, Farm, Powersports, Utility
  • Alternator Tester - No
  • Engine Start - No
  • Battery Desulphation - Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection - Yes
  • Technology - Intelligent
  • Use - Basic


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