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  • Group 31 AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Group 31 AGM Deep Cycle Battery


Group 31 AGM Deep Cycle Battery



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  • Premium AGM technology provides extra power and durability with no maintenance.
  • Extended Cycle Life: The resilient nature of AGM technology means that it can provide 2x more charge/discharge cycles than a conventional flooded battery.
  • Faster Recharging: Charges up to 40% faster than comparable flooded batteries.
  • Low-Self Discharge: Ideal for long periods in storage, the typical self discharge rate is 1-3% per month compared to 10-15% per month for a typical flooded battery.
  • Extra Vibration Resistance: Tightly packed lead plates and glass matting provide 14x more protection against vibration damage, a leading cause of battery failure.
  • Sealed and Non-spillable: No messy or dangerous acid spills, no gassing (under normal charging), and can be mounted in virtually any position.
  • Maintenance-free: Never requires water to be added.
  • Group size: 31
  • 1110 marine crank amps, 100 amp hours, 200 minute reserve capacity
  • Dimensions are 13" l x 6-5/8" w x 9-5/16" h (33 x 16.8 x 24 cm)
  • 24-month free replacement

Canadian Tire Warranty:

This product carries a special warranty. Please see your local Canadian Tire store for details.

  • Brand Name - Nautilus Ultra
  • Group Size - 31
  • Weight - 71 lbs
  • Total Warranty Period - 24
  • Voltage - 12
  • Application - AGM
  • Dimensions - 13 x 6-5/8 x 9-7/16"
  • Reserve Capacity - 200
  • Free Warranty Replacement Period - 24
  • Amp Hours - 100
  • Cranking Amps - 1110

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