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How to choose a jigsaw

A jigsaw is a versatile, multi-purpose cutting tool that is great for straight or curved cuts. Find the one that’s right for you.


Whether you just need to quickly trim your child’s hockey stick down to size, or you’re making an interior cut to drop in a sink. Maybe you want to create bevel cuts on a woodworking project? Find a jigsaw that can make the cuts you need for your projects.


Wood blades

The blades used to cut wood are generally made from carbon steel, with a TPI (tooth per inch) count between 6 and 12.

Metal blades

Metal blades are most commonly made from a bi-metal with high speed steel teeth. The TPI count is usually between 14 and 22. If you’re cutting soft metals, look for a higher TPI.

Plastic blades

Blades to cut plastic are made from carbon steel, with a TPI between 10 and 12. The teeth on plastic blades are ground to obtain clean cuts.

Tile blades

Tile blades are made with a diamond grit.



Selectors for speed and cutting action allow you to have more control over both the orbital action and how quickly the saw blade moves up and down, so you can do a quick and dirty job or be very precise.

SPM Rating

The SPM or strokes per minute rating shows you how quickly the jigsaw cuts. If you are cutting through dense materials, you’ll want a high SPM rating.

Lock On

This feature is handy for making a cut without having to squeeze the trigger the whole time.

LED Light

An LED light illuminates your work surface while a dust blower prevents sawdust from building up, so you can accurately follow your cut line.