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How to tape your hockey stick


Taping your hockey stick will give you better grip, more control over the puck and help prolong its lifespan.​



Create a knob

Starting at the top of your stick, you want to create a knob so your hand doesn’t slide off. Just wind hockey tape around the top of your stick until it feels right to you.


Tape top of shaft

To give you better grip when handling the stick, wind the hockey tape about four to six inches down the shaft, overlapping the tape roughly halfway each time. 


Tape the blade

Tape the blade either toe to heel or heel to toe, whichever you prefer. Overlap the tape carefully and consistently, again about halfway. 


Rip tape end at top

When you’re done taping the blade, rip the tape off at the top of the blade, rather than the bottom, so you don’t get flapping tape on the ice if the tape gets wet and loses adhesive.


Pat down tape

Using the side of the tape or a puck, smooth down the blade tape to make sure the adhesive is strong.