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How to choose an exercise bike

Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking to improve your fitness, or compete in a local triathlon, an exercise bike is a great piece of low-impact cardio exercise equipment for your home. Exercise bikes will help you meet your goals without getting sidelined by aches and pains or unexpected surprises.

Let's pedal through your options

Upright Exercise Bikes

An upright bike is very similar to a traditional bicycle in design and function, and tends to be smaller and more compact. It positions the body to mimic the traditional biking experience.


  • You can lift your body off the seat and pedal with greater force to simulate climbing or sprinting, and maximize your workout.
  • The seat is positioned directly above the pedals and has adjustable vertical and horizontal height.
  • The handlebars can be used to position the body while pedalling, and the comfort grips will help reduce strain.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes offer larger seats and a semi-reclined body position.

Benefits: Getting on and off the bike is very easy. This is ideal for older adults, people who have sustained a lower-body injury and/or users with mobility setbacks.

  • It provides support for the lower back and lumbar region, making it ideal for those with lower back pain.

Indoor Cycle Exercise Bikes

An indoor cycle positions the body to mimic the traditional biking experience, and also provides a performance that closely matches that of a road bike.


  • Like upright bikes, these are similar to traditional bicycles in design and function. The main difference is that you can make multiple adjustments to both the seat and handlebars, which more closely simulates the feel of high-end road bikes.
  • The extra heavy flywheel better simulates the experience of riding outdoors.
  • Most models have the ability to swap out pedals to match your needs.

Features to consider

Heart Rate Monitor

Most models have integrated grip pulse that allows you to track your heart rate throughout your workout.

Racing Style Handlebars

The racing style handlebars adjust up and down allowing you to find a comfortable workout position.


Built-in speakers will play your music from your iPod or radio station if applicable.

Water Bottle Holder

A designated place for you to place your water bottle for easy reach.


Some exercise bikes have built in air fans which are powered by the rider's pedalling.

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Flywheels use momentum to stabilize the speed of rotation. The weight that comes from a flywheel keeps your exercise bike moving consistently, even when you pedal at a varying pace.

Indoor Cycle Technology

This is important in the prevention of injuries during use. It allows the flywheel to continue rotating when you stop pedalling, thus eliminating any jolt to your joints.


Exercise bikes come with a variety of types of resistance. The higher the resistance, the more challenging it will be to pedal.


A padded saddle is where you sit on the exercise bike. The seat height is adjustable to match your comfort level.

Weight Capacity

Most exercise bikes have a maximum capacity weight ranging from 225lbs to 300lbs.

Let's pedal through your options

Features to consider

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