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How to maximize flavour with your smoker

Now that you’ve got a smoker, let’s talk about the various kinds of woods you can pair with your food.



Oak has a medium to deep flavour. It's great for beef, turkey and sausages. This is a classic from Texas.


Hickory is the Goldilocks of wood. It’s really versatile. It’s great for fish and chicken, but especially pork.


Mesquite is the most intense wood. It’s bold. It’s great with chicken, ribs and lamb.

Whiskey oak

Whiskey oak is a really unique, rich wood. It’s great with lamb and chicken.


Applewood is a classic Canadian flavour. It’s delicate and sweet, perfect for fish and turkey.


Cherrywood has a great rounded flavour. Great for slow cooking large cuts of meat, especially beef or lamb.


Maplewood is a really delicate wood. Great for all white meats and fish.