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How to choose gardening tools

Gardening is a great hobby and having the right tools will make the work easier and set you up for success. The basic gardening tools you need depend on the type of garden you have. 


Spades & Shovels

For digging in a garden, a spade is the best choice. They’re ideal for creating defined landscape borders. However, if you’ll be digging large holes for transplanting trees or shrubs, you’ll need a shovel. A shovel is also required for moving loose materials like gravel, garden soil and mulch

See Spades & Shovels

Garden Trowels

A garden trowel is essential for digging smaller holes and for transplanting or for moving small amounts of soil into containers. They help with weeding, smoothing soil and gardening in tight spaces.

See Garden Trowels


When you need to till and aerate hard, rocky soil, a cultivator comes in handy. These tools are available in manual versions and power versions, for large spaces. 

See Cultivators


Particularly useful for digging when there is a thick layer of matted sod.

See Picks



This tool can cut weeding time in half, cutting roots deep under the surface. Great when you’re weeding around growing plants.

See Hoes

Hand Knife

This tool is ideal for removing weeds from very narrow spaces, like between patio stones, interlocking brick or cobblestones

See Hand Knives

Hand Weeder

This small tool works best in small flower beds and vegetable gardens.

See Hand Weeders


Garden & Leaf Rakes

For removing debris or rocks, smoothing soil in your garden beds, or breaking up compacted soil, the best tool to use will be a garden rake. A leaf rake is perfect for raking up light debris, weeds and leaves, particularly wet leaves. 

See Garden & Leaf Rakes


A cultivator works like a garden rake, except it’s smaller and is used to loosen soil around plants and mix in nutrients. 

See Cultivators

Bow Rakes

Works well for loosening and levelling hard, compacted soil or mulch.

See Bow Rakes



 If you have a larger property or a lot of heavy materials to move around your garden, a cart or wheelbarrow is a must. 

See Wheelbarrows



Be sure to wear outdoor work or gardening gloves to protect your hands when gardening.

See Gloves


Consider a kneeler or knee pad for added comfort when gardening.

See Kneelers


Designed to trim grass that grows over the edges of paved walks and driveways. 

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