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How to fold a fitted sheet


Folding fitted sheets doesn't have to be hard. Don't worry — you got this!



Hold two corners by the short edge

Hold the sheet by two corners of the shorter edge. Now, place your hand in each of these corners, with the sheet inside out.


Place the right corner over the left corner

Bring the right hand over the left, placing the right corner over the left, as if wrapping it. Tip: Make sure the right corner envelopes the left corner.


Find the next corner and wrap over the other corners

Next, follow the edge of the sheet with your right hand and find the next corner; bring it up and wrap it over the two corners in your left hand.


Join the last corner

Finally, take the last hanging corner with your right hand and join it with the three in your left hand. You should have four layers nested in your left hand.


Fold the sheet into a rectangle

Lay the sheet down on a flat surface, straighten out and fold edges in to make a rectangle.


Fold to desired size

Continue folding into the size you want. Tip: Store your set of sheets inside one of the pillowcases.