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    Timber Ridge Pellet Stove, 2200 Square Feet

    Product #64-2400-4

    Timber Ridge Woodstove, 1200 Square Feet

    Product #64-2401-2

    Timber Ridge Pellet Stove, 2000 Square Feet

    Product #64-2402-0

    Timberidge Smart Wood Stove

    Product #64-2403-8

    Imperial Black Stove Polish Paste, 170g

    Product #64-2703-4

    Imperial Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner, 236 mL

    Product #64-2715-6

    Imperial Clear Flame Glass Door Cleaner, 650 mL

    Product #64-2766-4

    Imperial Brick-X Masonry Cleaner, 650 mL

    Product #64-2767-2

    Drolet High Efficiency EPA Pyropak Wood Stove

    Product #64-2841-4

    Timber Ridge Wood Stove, 2200 sq. ft (E.P.A.)

    Product #64-2845-6

    Imperial Adjustable Elbow, 6 x 90°

    Product #64-2847-2

    Imperial Adjustable Elbow, 7 x 90 °

    Product #64-2848-0

    Imperial Adjustable Elbow, 8 x 90°

    Product #64-2849-8

    Imperial Crimp Elbow, 6 x 90°

    Product #64-2860-8

    Imperial Black Matte Assembled Tee, 6-in

    Product #64-2881-8

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