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    Fireplaces and Accessories

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    Electric Firebox

    Product #64-2197-8

    Pleasant Hearth Vintage 3-Panel Fireplace Screen

    Product #64-2204-2

    Pleasant Hearth Maple Leaf Tool Set

    Product #64-2210-6

    Pleasant Hearth Maple Leaf 3 Panel Screen

    Product #64-2211-4

    Imperial Black Stove Polish Paste, 170g

    Product #64-2703-4

    Imperial Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaner, 236 mL

    Product #64-2715-6

    Imperial Clear Flame Glass Door Cleaner, 650 mL

    Product #64-2766-4

    Imperial Brick-X Masonry Cleaner, 650 mL

    Product #64-2767-2

    Napoleon McKinley Electric Fireplace

    Product #64-3115-8

    Muskoka Auden Electric Fireplace

    Product #64-3124-6

    MasterFlame Queenston Electric Fireplace

    Product #64-3137-6

    MasterFlame Langly Electric Fireplace

    Product #64-3139-2

    Dimplex Nicole Wall Mount Fireplace

    Product #64-3142-2

    Hamilton Fireplace

    Product #64-3343-4

    Nevada Fireplace

    Product #64-3350-6

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